​​​We all live in a very fast paced world, where we get so busy doing all the things we have to do, we forget to harmonize and lighten the load of stress and environmental factors. We make everyday situations seem a lot more important than they actually are, and start to panic and live in this constant state of urgency. As a result, we begin to accumulate a lot of stress and tension into our bodies and forget what it actually feels like to relax and enjoy life. 


Your Restorative Session begins with gentle TuiNa massage, releasing stiffness with acupressure trigger points and cupping therapy that will boost blood circulation. Stimulate metabolism and ridding the body of harmful toxins.  


At Healing Rituals your treatment starts by walking in a room equipped with color light therapy, calming music at the exact healing frequency of 525 MHz, aromatherapy with food grade pure essential oils and, an infrared heated crystal therapy bed. 



After one hour of clearing blocked energy, balancing, and aligning acupoints. You will attain a deep sense of calm and greater understanding of your body’s Qi, and what your health means to you.

 Begin your Ritual to self Healing …


After thirty minutes of bliss you will go deeper into relaxation and be able to truly breathe and clear your mind so we can begin your guided meditation. While in a deep reflective state you will transcend to a higher vibration with Tibetan singing bowls, and receive esoteric acupuncture, Reiki energy healing, and chakra balancing.   


​​​​​Healing Rituals Center